Based on its 30-year experience in the field, the trademark Alpen Socks is now the market leader within the Trachtenmode, thanks to its high quality products, characterised by creative and state-of-the-art manufacturing of the best yarns. Over the years the production has successfully extended to trekking, skiing and football socks.

The Tyrolese socks represent the main product of the Madaschi hosiery factory, owner of the Alpen Socks trademark.Great attention is constantly put on this specific product whose manufacture has been renovated but always with respect to tradition. More than 50 different types of socks have been created by the highly competent as well as creative craftsmen.

All the socks are manufactured, sewn, ironed,embroidered and packed in the factory in Villa Lagarina, located in the Trentino-South Tyrol Region, well characterised by and strongly connected with mountain traditions.

The main clients are represented by the enthusiasts for Trachtenmode and more recently by sportspeople, especially trekkers and football associations in general.

Anyone who loves the mountain world, choses Alpen Socks.